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Sunday, June 18, 2006

Ok, here goes! This is my second attempt at a blog, and hope you enjoy browsing my musings and photos.
I found this on another blog, and thought that it would be a good way to introduce myself. IT is called the ABCs of me:

Accent –Southwestern?? Is that really an accent (but I do still have some Texan drawl left)
Booze –Give me wine, wine, wine
Chore I hate –Housework of any kind (especially cleaning bathrooms)
Essential electronics My computer
Favorite perfume – Au nautrel
Gold or Silver –both, and as much of each as I can get
Hometown –Currently Albuquerque, but I am a native Texan
Insomnia –Naturally
Job title –Senior IT Technician, MCP
Kid(s)-One son, David who lives in Dallas
Living arrangements – Single, with cats and plants (BUT I am not a little old lady!) Ask anybody who knows me!!!
Marital status - Divorced
Number of scars –C Section and a few minor ones!
Overnight hospital stays –When David was born ( 5 days with a backrub every night), C Section and Biopsy
Phobias –BUGS!!!!!!
Quote –Dance like no one is looking, work like you don’t need the money and love like you have never been hurt!
Religion –Unitarian Univeralist
Siblings –An older brother, now deceased, and a younger sister
Time you usually wake –6:15 (Drat!)
Unusual Talent –I have no idea….
Vegetable I refuse to eat – Brussel Sprouts!
Worst habit –Chocolate
X-rays – regulary, if you count the infamous mamogram
Yummy foods I make – My grandmothers Peach Cobbler
Zodiac – Pisces, all the way

Somehow, I seemed to have lost the D, but that is OK