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Sunday, June 22, 2008

Lots of News to Share

I had a BUSY weekend. Starting on Friday night, I went to a trance dance event. I had never gone before, and I really enjoyed it. The music was fantastic, and I lost myself so totally that at one point I had no spatial recognition-- I might have been hanging from the ceiling. We danced for 45 minutes, and it seemed like only a few minutes. We started with a intention, and that really helped me to focus. For more information see http://www.studiopizazz.com/.
The next morning I attended a meditation/art workshop at First Unitarian Church. I am not that keen on structured meditation, but this was very interesting. Again we had to focus, and I was able to use the same focus point that I had used the evening before.
That afternoon, I sat in the gallery at 516 Arts . They have a new exhibit called "Trappings: Stories of Women, Power and Clothing. This is a great multimedia exhibit that asks the question: What do you wear that makes you feel powerful? Of course, each woman answers differently, but the results are fascinating. This show runs through Aug. 18.
And finally, if you are anywhere in the area, you MUST see the Cradle Project. This is a gathering of almost 500 cradles created by artists and school children from around the world, in a benefit show for African Orphans. The scope of the exhibit, on two floors of the old First National Bank Building (Central Ave. downtown between 2nd and 3rd) is absolutely staggering, and some will bring tears to your eyes. A very worthy project, and you can bid on the cradles at the online link above. Unfortunately, the exhibit closes next weekend, and they are only open on Thursday, Friday and Saturday. I went to the opening, and wanted to go back and see it again, but just will not be able to get back and see it again.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Recovering from my Cancun trip

Wow, am I getting old or what? A simple five day trip to Mexico wiped me out! After I came home from work, I did nothing but laze around! Of course, it did not help that I overindulged in rich food and drink (I have discovered that a Mango Daquari is most satifsying!)

I went for a wedding of two very sweet young people, Langdon and Tiffany! They got married on the beach at Cancun, and it was magical.

No pics of that, but we were all supposed to share, so I am sure some will be forthcoming.

I do have pics of the Mayan Adventure that my BFF Lyncia and I went on. Believe me, if I had known they were going to take pictures, I would have worn a coverup! But I am what I am!
Canoeing, that is me hiding behind Lyncia.
Group Picture, Lyncia is in Black and I am in brown! One of the skinny young people was the only one to have the sense to cover up!

Lyncia on the zip line

Me on the zipline (such a flattering pose!)

Lyncia rapelling down a BIG cliff

Halfway down. Aren't the hats flattering?

Me rapelling down the big cliff

All of us at the bottom of the cliff

Being blessed by the Mayan Shaman, before entering the cenote

This was like swimming in Carlsbad Cavern (the cenote is an undergroud resoivoir). Note how clear the water is!

Recovering from my

Thursday, June 05, 2008

Ancestors and quilts

My genealogical search continues, and I have found a treasure trove of pictures from a distant cousin (thanx Tim!!). The picture above is my grandmother Onie Scott Clayton (1899-1999) and her mother Eunice Annie Gregg Scott in front of a quilt! Guess that it was the back of the quilt, as they did not do that many whole cloth quilts (that I know of)

Sunday, June 01, 2008

A very artful Sunday Afternoon

I passed on going to see Sex In the City with girlfriends this afternoon, as I had several projects that I needed to complete before I go on vacation. This is the last two spreads in the ABRR that I have been involved in. I am not sure if I will add some things to this or not. But it will be sent before I go on vacation.

This is an accordian book that I made for my friend L. who just found out that she needs a liver transplant. My thoughts are with her.

I had some leftovers, and somewhere on the internet I read
where an artist used the leftover papers and etc. in a collage.
Here is my Girly Girl collage (approx. 4x6") made from leftovers!

Shopping Yesterday

I went shopping yesterday, and found these 45 RPMs. I am not sure why I bought them, as I no longer have a turntable, but I was attracted to the designs, and purchased these three (for $2.00).
It brings back memories of my childhood. 45's were the first things that I purchased as a pre-teen (I don't count toys as my first purchase). My sister and I would save our allowances and once a week we would buy a 45 for $.99. This was in the early 60's and there was a lot of music to choose from.

I will probably use these images in my collages, so you may see them again.