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Thursday, February 26, 2009

Turned around to see this in my suitcase

She is ready to go to Egypt!

13 Pharmuti 12 days to go

I was shocked today to learn that a member of our Women's Group, Thursday's Women died last night.
Trish was a very active 60ish woman, who had recently retired. She was healthy, vibrant, loving, kind and gentle with a killer sense of humor and the funniest knitted hedgehogs!
She was eating dinner, told her husband that she felt "funny" and asked him to go look up the symptoms of a heart attack. When he returned, he found her dead.
Our group met tonight, and we fondly remembered Trish. She will be missed.
If you suspect a heart attack, call an ambulance immediately! Trish probably could not have been helped, but don't take a chance!

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

12 Pharmuti 13 days and counting

I am posting another Eye of RA that is in my life - this was a birthday present from my friend W, whose mother brought it back from Egypt many years ago. This also includes a cobra and an ankh, so it is treble good luck! Lots of protection.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

11 Pharmuti 14 days and counting

Well, we were all shocked by the bomb that exploded in Cairo, but continue to be hopeful. I started looking at all the instances that I have of the Eye of RA, and am posting two pictures.
This image is all about protection and I have many instances of this recurring in my life.

This is a small jewelry box given to me by my friend L in Dallas. It is stained glass with the eye sanblasted into the lid. It was made by Jon of Route 66 Stained Glass, and is exquisite. I see it every morning as I put on earrings.

This wallhanging hangs on the wall in my office, above my computer. It is called Eye Patch (Eye and 9 patch-- get it??) and is made with hand carved stamps. I really looked at it the other day and I really like it. This was the product of Jane Dunnewold's Archetype Master Class.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Great Birthday and 16 days and counting (9 Pharmuti)

I had a great birthday. Met friends on Friday at a closing reception for Rainbow Artists for our I Love Red exhibit.
On Saturday, I went shopping for my trip, and then went to a birthday dinner party. I got fantastic gifts, great cards and then we played Tripoly (plus truly amazing food!) I have leftovers for dinner tonight.
Went to lunch today after church, and then worked for a few hours.
Tomorrow is back to the work world.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

6 Pharmuti - 19 days and counting

Supplies for the trip to Egypt. I will keep this in my suitcase, as it has
After the ruckus that I caused in Tampa, I do not want to cause an international incident, but I am taking a small pair of kid's rounded end scissors on the plane with me. If they confiscate them, it will be no great loss.
Two small journals that I am contemplating taking, the My Life on the left
has black pages and the other one I have not finished collaging on,
but I do have 19 days! I don't want to take too many,
and need only one to carry around in my pack during the day.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Finally, some art

5 Pharmuti- 21 days until I leave for Egypt!
Collage "I She" for a Recyled Art Show at First Unitarian Church in April (I know, it is early for a change.) I hoped to use this image for publicity, but it just does not come across well enough to publish. Looks much better in person....

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Hotel in Cairo

here is a link to the hotel where we will be staying in Cairo-with a pyramid view!


Finally, some art!

27th of Phanenoth, 28 days until I leave on the journey of a lifetime!
Stamps that I purchased years ago, before I even dreamed of going to Egypt!
Already used them in my travel journal.
(this is the wooden box that they came in!)
Small collage entitled I-She, probably will be mounted on the burlap on canvas
for a recycled art show in April at First Unitarian in Albuquerque.
Collage and mounted on recycled cardboard base.

Monday, February 09, 2009

26 Phanenoth- 29 days until I leave for Egypt!

It is now officially less than a month before I leave! Hooray.

Very little art is being produced, but I have several things that I am "percolating" for two shows in March and April. Of course my inspiration is for the April show, and not the March...

Rainbow Artists had a great show that opened on Friday, We Heart Red at the Arts Alliance gallery. The opening was well attended.

I can now post my entry;
Titled "I Heart Hearts" (16x20" mixed media)
Close up

Sunday, February 01, 2009

Notans and your name in Chinese

Lisa Volrath of Go Make Something posted this link the other day:

It creates your name in Chinese!

I had a church "fun-raising" activity at my house today, Notan Japanese Cut Paper. Very successful and these are some of the Notans created by my students: