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Friday, November 30, 2007

My soul is painted RED

For those of you who know me, this will not come as a shock! Click on the link below to find out what color your soul is!


Saturday, November 24, 2007

Vacation, Tailgating and Snow

David will be glad there is snow....
I went on vacation this past week. I drove to Dallas to attend the annual Thanksgiving Day Dallas Cowboys game. My son and the Cowboy's fans he tailgates with have an annual tradational Thanksgiving dinner at the stadium. It was COLD, but they really rough it with a 32" HD TV, great food and drink and very good friends. As you can tell, silver and blue are the colors of the day.

David and I (very cold). You can see the top of the dome of Texas Stadium in the background.

That is the remains of the dessert table in the foreground,

and the porta-potty line in the background. David is in the white shirt.

Jello shots

Dan, Chris and David

Turkey dinner

More Jello shots

Dan with Video

Lighting the turkey fryer

David with the HD TV in his van

Rowdy the smallest Cowboy fan

Setting up the flag, the Cowboys cover is in the background

Sunday, November 04, 2007

Baby Present

Here is a wall hanging I made for a baby shower on Tuesday. Nothing like waiting until the last minute!

This is for baby Earley!
Quote reads: Babies are bits of stardust blown from the hand of God. Lucky the woman who has felt the pangs of birth, for she has held a star.