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Sunday, August 30, 2009

Two Items

Support Public Radio
The local public radio station is having an online auction. The Computer Creatrix (aka yours truly) has an hour of computer support up for bids. Check it out.

This affirmation was in our order of service at First Unitarian today:
Be ours a religion, which like sunlight, goes everywhere
Its temple, all space
its shrine, the good heart
its creed, all truth
its ritual, works of love
its profession of faith, divine living.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Healtcare reform strikes home!

When we go to the doctor, we pay our $25 co-pay and don't give it another thought (or I do). I just started going to a new doctor, and they sent me a bill. Mind you, this was just a 15 minute office visit, nothing out of the ordinary.
Much to my surprise, they did not bill my insurance company, but billed me instead. The bill is $569.00 and they expect me to pay this!
I cannot imagine what a major illness would cost.

Friday, August 28, 2009

Tired of Facebook

I cannot sign into facebook using my new laptop with Vista (which I HATE!). Blogger is OK, but no facebook, so now I have to boot up the old machine just so I can get to Facebook. What a pain.
OK< this is my bitch for the week! I am going to work on the wallhangings all weekend, and then go to a birthday lunch on Sunday. Looking forward to some creative time!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

OK I have been lax

I have spent all of my time playing ZUMA, and not posting to blogger! Bad blogger! My friend L asked me what was going on. Anyway, I have a new art project started. Above is the color scheme.

Baby Cakes must approve, as she does not lie around

on just any old fabric (velvet is her favorite!)

And just for equal time, here is fuzzy bucket sniffing the air.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Quote of the Day

This really tickled my fancy:

If you don't want to work you have to work to earn enough money so that you won't have to work.
Ogden Nash.

This is exactly where I am at! Of course, I plan on winning the lottery tonight, and then I won't have to worry about it.
(Is that positive thinking or what??)

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Take action now on Healthcare Reform

I work in a healthcare related industry, and am very concerned about how we are handling our healthcare in the US. So much BS is being passed off as truth and it is really hard to find out what is going on. Check out this video

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Postcard Book

I am trying something new. I get lots of postcards of varying sizes, and started saving them about 6 weeks ago. I have now started assembling them into signatures, which will be assembled into some kind of a book. We will see how is comes out.

As a first stage, I am gessoing them all, except for a few images which I want to retain.

I had to clear off my cutting table in order to do any work! Now I have room.
But enjoy it, as it will not stay clean and neat for long!

Saturday, August 08, 2009

Beautiful bountiful day

My horoscope for today is:

August 08, 2009
Pisces (2/19-3/20)
You're set up to have one of those priceless days today. Don't take it for granted, but don't get too carried away being grateful, either. You can enjoy it without feeling indebted to whomever gets the show on the road for you. Remember, what goes around comes around, so if what's come your way is delightful, it's simply because it's your turn.

And I am reading Simple Abundance, A daybook of comfort and joy by Sarah Ban Breathnach. Yesterday's entry(which I did not read until today) is about Creature Comforts: the animals in our lives. So I am posting pictures of the two alien furballs that inhabit my life.
Fuzzy Bucket
Baby Cakes, AKA Fatso Catso, AKA Studio Cat

I have got my wireless connection back (I had inadvertantly turned it off! Had to read the Help Files to turn it back on!). Anyway, I am freed from my desk! This is now my workspace, on the daybed in my studio. In the winter I am planning to snuggle in my chaise lounge in front of the fireplace!

Friday, August 07, 2009

Great Quote

When we follow our authentic path with love, embracing our creative impulses, we live truth even if what we think we're doing is just planting a flower bed, cooking a meal, nurturing a child, editing a book, producing a television show, sewing a curtain, writing a brief, painting a picture, teaching a craft, composing a song or closing a deal.
Simple Abundance, Sarah Ban Breathnach

Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Nothing much happening today

But it is Wednesday, so that is good. I have to work on getting my wireless card replaced and that may take all evening. Wish me luck!
Just barely missed the cutoff at work, if you make $X you had to take a 2% paycut and take a week of unpaid leave before the end of September. Luckily I am hourly, not salary, or I would be biting the bullet!

Monday, August 03, 2009

Another generation of quilters

My great-niece is staying with me for a week. To keep her from getting bored, we are working on a pillow with a kanji in the middle. She is practicing on paper here, but graduated to fabric later in the evening.

Sunday, August 02, 2009

Women's Global Pathways - NM

Women's Global Pathways - NM is a dedicated self help organization. They support immigrant and refugee women from Bhutan, Eritrea, Somalia, Burundi, Congo, Mexico and Africa. I so admire a person who can leave all that they know and have and immigrate to another country with only a suitcase. Their life is difficult and the current economic situation makes it even more difficult.
There are ways you can help:
Women's Global Pathways - NM is a 501(c)3 organization and donations may be sent to:
Center of Southwest Culture, 500 Copper Suite 103, Albuquerque NM 87102. Please note "FOR NM REFUGEES" on the memo line of your check.
Any assitance you can give to these struggline refugees will be greatly appreciated. No donation is too small, as their need is great.

For more information, see our Ning website or email wpgnm@yahoo.com