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Thursday, February 21, 2008

Tomorrow is my birthday

Since I won't be home (I am meeting my son, who lives in Dallas at my Mothers, and we are having a mini-family reunion) I thought that I would post this picture, taken shortly after I was born. I have never been this small since then!

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery

I am a great admirer of the art and spirit of Lesley Riley, and am inspired by her artistic quote of the day. So I am copying her. Found the link and I am now posting the art quote of the day, just under my phases of the moon link!
Busy week at work, and I am getting ready to go to my Mother's to celebrate my birthday. My son will be driving in from Dallas, and it will be a mini-reunion! Enjoy the art quote of the day!

Monday, February 18, 2008

Time Flies

Boy, it does not seem like ten days since I have posted. Been busy, and doing some art.

I have been concentrating on the ancestor's photos (I am scanning and identifying as many people as my Mother, Sister and I can), and have been doing some sketching. I have not been too faithful about an art project a day, but that was negotiable. I figure that the scanning and working with photos counts for a lot of art, even if I am not producing output at this time!

I bought three old cabinet cards at an antique store, and after I got involved in this genealogy stuff, I posted the descriptions and names of the people that were written on the back of the cabinet card. Anyway, I am posting the picture here.

The cabinet card says: Cushman Arcade Studio, Springfield Ohio

On the back in pen is written: Uncle Al Gaines and Aunt Lou and in pencil : For Mother

Friday, February 08, 2008

Another Friday, no disasters

I said that I was going to hide on Friday nights, but went to a great Brigid/Imbolc celebration and managed to get home without incident!
I found the neat moon calculator on the right. It will always give me the phase of the moon. As I was arriving at the ceremony tonight, there was a fingernail moon, and it was breathtaking.
Busy weekend ahead, and hopefully I will have time to do some art, as I have fallen down on my promise to do some art each day. Does surfing the web at work and looking at art blogs count?

Sunday, February 03, 2008

First Update, Creative Everyday 2008

Cold Shoulder from Baby Cakes- this new quilt (a birthday present for my son) must be comfortable, as BC only roosts on the most comfortable perches in the studio.

Here is the quilt minus the cat. Hope you enjoy it and have a great birthday DB!

Day One: sketches in my journal, too sloppy to post here.
Day Two and Three: working on the Crown Royal snugglie (see above) and a quilt for me! I found some great flannel that has spools of thread, needles and thimbles, and it is in an orange/red colorway, plus it was on sale! What more could I ask?
Pictures will follow tomorrow!

Saturday, February 02, 2008


Next Friday I am coming home and hiding (see my Jan. 19th Friday the 13th posting). I had plans for this Friday, and as I was waiting for my friend Pamela to meet me and go gallery hopping at First Friday, my car got hot, steam was coming out from under the hood and water was leaking out. Even one of these would be bad, but all three were catastrophic! We went to a 7-11, got water and put it in the radiator. Seemed to hold, and we limped to my local repair shop (it was now 6:30). They could not work on it until Saturday AM, so we went to a movie, as neither of us was up for the trip downtown to see art!
We saw Atonement, which was a very strange movie. I had a lot of trouble understanding the mumbling english accent, but would give it a medium rating. I enjoyed the movie but do not know that I would watch it again.
Keep your fingers crossed and hope that my car does not cost an arm and a leg! I got paid yesterday and had some overtime and a large expense reimbursement, but I did not want to spend it on my car!

On another subject, I have joined the Creative Everyday 2008 group. Still working on my creativity and intention.

Click on this image for more information.