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Friday, April 30, 2010

Is this April 30th???

It is not much snow, but it is SNOW!!! On April 30th

I am heading south to Mayhill/Cloudcroft this weekend and I heard on the news that
there is 2-3 inches on the ground in Cloudcroft.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Art, Mailart and new Kitteh pics

Next to last batch of mailart, using black and silver hand stamped background and copies of journal pages.

Kittehs keeping the world safe from maurauding birds. I think they are as happy
as I am about spring finally getting here!

Last batch of mail art. I made a total of 21 cards in about 3 weeks.
This is some canvas at that I painted several years ago, made into
cards very nicely. the address side is hand carved stamps from
a Carol Sanchez workshop at the National Hispanic Cultural Center

Off Center has an annual Quirky Albuquerque House tour and I was asked to contribute.
I applied burned metal (a la Cynthia Cook) to my house, and used the same metal
to shingle the roof. I tried to use metal curls for smoke in the chimney
 but just could not get it to look like I wanted.