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Thursday, March 25, 2010

More Mail Art

Sunday, March 21, 2010

First Full day of Spring Happy Dance

Although, New Mexico has an odd habit of welcoming sprin in a rather eccentric way! See pics from March 20, 2010 (first day of spring) And last year it snowed Easter Sunday (although it was very early last year...) My wise old grannie had always said that there would always be an "easter storm" in the southern New Mexico mountains, and they usally have one. these are patio plants that I had to bring in while the exterior of my condo was restccoed. They sprouted while I had them in the house, and I forgot to bring them in when it was supposed to snow!
Today is in the mid 50s, sunny and clear.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Mail Art pics

Ist mail art postcard, this is some Lonni Rossi fabric that I had left over from a large project

address side of 1st postcard

Second Mail Art postcard

address side of second mail art postcard

Third mail art postcard

Address side of third mail art postcard

I have not decided who I will send these to, but I do enjoy the mail art  and this is the first time I have incorporated fabric into them.

Enjoying a leisurely breakfast on Friday

I had to take a friend to the airport at 6:30 this AM (poor planning on both our parts as neither of us is a morning person - but overseas flights/connections can be dicey and protracted!). Since I do not have to be at work today unitl 9:30 (again, poor planning on my part) I am sitting at Flying Star Cafe on Central enjoying breakfast (french toast, yum) and a large pot of Earl Grey tea. I may start doing this more often, as they have free Wi-Fi and I can surf the web and take my time!

Work continues on Juliana's project for the Computer Creatrix, and I have another job that is coming up (not art related, drat!) but my name is getting out there! Publisher is giving us fits, but we will persevere. I already know a LOT more about publisher than I ever wanted to know!

No pics today, but I am in an art swap at the Extreme Journalism site that is bringing in wonderful mail art. I need to catch up as I owe two pieces and have used up my inventory.

More later and I will try to post pics from my metal work and the mail art.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Another Saturday cleaning house

 My son is coming in tonight to go skiing, so I am cleaning house and getting ready. I needed to do it anyway, so it is not a great sacrifice or anything.
I have also backed a cake for a birthday party tonight, so I have been busy. It is warm enough to have the windows open (which made the cats happy...) but is supposed to snow again tomorrow.
I took a great photo today for the birthday
 card I am making for W
The cup is a present from my sister....

Sunday, March 07, 2010


Juliana and I have been working on the online classes, and there was finally a breakthrough! We are still creating, and making stuff up as we go along! Anyway, that has been keeping me busy. Check out our latest video
My 60th birthday has come and gone (played cards and had a potluck in ABQ, and then had cake with the family in Tularosa) and I really do not feel any different. No new art, as I have been putting all my creative juices into the work with Juliana, but it is creative and very satisfying