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Sunday, December 24, 2006

Well, coming from 78 degrees in Tampa on Monday to Albuquerque's 30 degrees and a 40 mile an hour wind, then 10" of snow the next day took it's toll on me!
I have a raging "old fashioned sore throat" which does not begin to describe the pain that I am in. I did not know your throat could hurt so much! Got some anitbiotics and some pain medicine and am feeling much better (although that is realtive!)
That put a stop to my Christmas plans, as I did not want to infect my 83 year old mother and small nieces! I have not been out of bed since Friday night (except to go to urgent care on Saturday morning.) Today is the first time I have felt like even turning on my computer!
On top of feeling rotten, on Thursday I wrecked my car. Could not stop in time and ran into the back of this little old man!
So I bought a lottery ticket, hoping to win $54 million. No such luck.
Have a very merry christmas!

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Cozumel Cruise and almost starting a terror alert in Tampa Airport!
Ok, I have not posted for a month, but I have been busy! On Dec. 13, I flew to Tampa and the next morning my friend Lyncia and I left for a 4 day Carnival cruise from Tampa to Cozumel. Had such a fantastic time, the cruise was great. I did not win in the Casino, but Lyncia won $700.00 on three quarters in a slot machine. I kidded her about my feeding my quarters in so she could win. We went on a shore excursion and swam with the dolphins. If you ever get a chance to do that, do not pass it up. It is indescriable.
This cruise was a trial, and since we liked it so well, we will probably take a New Year's cruise next year. I have nothing but good things to say about Carnival (except that I did not win ANY money).
My return trip was not so successful. We had gone to the beach after landing in Tampa, and then rushed back to Lyncia's house to pick up my luggage for a 5:00 pm flight. At the last minute, I was gathering up stuff, including a large squeeze bottle of lotion and a small travel set of BeautiControl products that Lyncia gave me.
I had bought some bangle bracelets, and they set off the alarm. That made everyone take notice, and then when they x-rayed my bag, you guessed it. A LARGE very disagreeable woman who looked like she should work in a prison exclaimed YOU HAVE A BOTTLE IN HERE! I was mystified and said that I did not remember any bottles, and then she said YOU HAVE A CORD IN HERE! I told her that it was probably my cell phone charger, but by that time she told eveyone else in line behind me to go to another line. I was expecting the storm troopers at any moment.
The woman who acutally searched my bags was very understanding, and confiscated my NEW large squeeze bottle of Bath and Body Works Body Butter, but did let me keep the travelsize bottles (which she put into a plastic bag inside the travel case!) Go figure.
Anyway, when I fly to Dallas for New Years I will be VERY CAREFUL.
When I left Tampa it was 77 degrees and sunny. When I finally landed in Albuquerque after a stop in Kansas City, it was 35 degrees and the wind was blowing about 40 miles an hour! At least it was not snowing (yet).
When I got up yesterday it was cold but no snow (still). About noon, it started snowing and did not stop until about 7 PM and there was about 3 inches of snow on the ground. While that may not seem much to you people from the frozen north, it is a lot for Albuquerque.
When I got up this AM, there was more snow, and I ended up with almost 9 inches. And it is still snowing! STayed home all day and worked from home, which was a nice change.

Now I have a scratchy sore throat (could be the change in climate, do you think?_)
I have been given the task of being a Santa's Helper. My grand nieces want a kitten for Christmas. My niece asked me to go to the shelters and look for two kittens.
It was absolutely heartbreaking! Row after row of beautiful kittens and cats, and they will be destroyed unless someone adopts them! And Albuquerque is a small city, I can imagine the problem in larger cities must be even more heartbreaking. But Albuquerque did enact a mandatory spay/neuter ordinance and there is a $150 litter fee. So we are working on the problem.
I would have taken everyone of them home with me, but circumstances prohibit it (space and my alpha female would not be happy!)
WHEN I win the lottery, that is where my money will go....
We did not find the perfect kitten, but are continuing to look.

Just so you have some reference, this is my alpha cat Babycakes (the maine coon) and Fuzz Bucket (solid black.) Yes, they were both homeless when I took them in. This was a odd, as they do not

usually lay on the same piece of furniture!