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Saturday, August 29, 2009

Healtcare reform strikes home!

When we go to the doctor, we pay our $25 co-pay and don't give it another thought (or I do). I just started going to a new doctor, and they sent me a bill. Mind you, this was just a 15 minute office visit, nothing out of the ordinary.
Much to my surprise, they did not bill my insurance company, but billed me instead. The bill is $569.00 and they expect me to pay this!
I cannot imagine what a major illness would cost.

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Mary Tafoya said...

This happens to me all the time ever since my HMO started launching all the docs from the "nest" and they do their own billing. I even ask the docs -- in ER, Urgent Care, specialists, etc. -- when I'm THERE and they say they don't deal with that part of it.

Yes, healthcare is extremely expensive. I hate getting those bills. I feel like if I'm at my HMO's facility, show them my insurance card, and pay my copay, they should be able to figure out the billing with the docs. It's utterly goofball.