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Sunday, November 15, 2009

November is here...

OK, well it seems that I am not too keen on going deep on my blog, so I am going back to what I was doing before.

Collage created for Ross Becker (Executive Account Manager at ACS Albuquerque) on his relocation to Alaska. We thought that he could hang this is on his wall and remember warm New Mexico. Pictures are by Nate Earley and Me!

OK, tell me the truth, you have missed my kittly pics, haven't you? Here is Fuzzy Bucket

And Baby Cakes in the elevator chair!

I submitted three pieces to a Judy Chicago/Through the Flower show, and got my rejection letter yesterday, so I can post my entries now.

This is Frayed Around the Edges 5
I will post more tomorrow.

Gorgeous clouds taken from my balcony.

This tickled my fancy. My women's group Thursday's Women met last week. Somehow I inherited this bag of markers and poetry notes from JB. When I got it home and looked at it, the label reads:
"Date March 12, 2009, Contents: Laughter"!
Thanks for the chuckle JB!

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