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Monday, June 06, 2011


In case you do not know, there is a huge wildfire in Eastern Arizona. The plumes of smoke are inundating Central and northern New Mexico.
This is the usually bright and shining sun about 7 PM. In just a few minutes it disapperared into the wall of smoke. You can smell the smoke, like standing downwind of a campfire.

There is a 10,000' mountain behind this veil of smoke. You wouldn't know it by looking, would you?

This is the view towards the airport and downtown. There are several large buildings that have been swallowed by the smoke.
The sun in the first picture casts an eerie orange glow. This is the sun coming in through my french doors and shining on my yellow couch. You can see the glow.

as of 9:15 Blogger finally relented and let me post the above pictures.
I have some great smoke pictures, but blogger will not let me upload them! I will try again later.

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Judy Merrill-Smith said...

Wow! I've lived in the West for over a decade now, and I still am not used to the smell of far-off forest fires in the air. Very eerie.