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Saturday, January 07, 2012

Catch up posts

I was so proud of myself for blogging so regularly in the waning 2011. But then the real world intruded and I had to return to work (I was on vacation the last week of the year, one of the perks I give myself every year). Needless to say, my blogging dropped off, but that is not all bad. I had two new customers that I was working with, in addition to Nia.
So, this will be a catchup post...
Lasso the Moon: it also suffered by my return to work, but I am being honest and not trying to post some previous day's pic. I got four photos during the first six days of twentytwelve. I can't guarantee myself that it will get much better until I retire (38 working days!!!).
fiddle leaf fig in my conservatory (day 7--blogger seems to have a mind of it's own about uploading photos!)
Day One Self Portrait

Day 3 Living Room Altar
Hide in plain site altar at work, Ganesh from W to vanquish my foes at work!

Book of Days, day 1-7
 Effy wants us to do a two page spread for major days, and I guess that New Years Day would be considered a major day. I did start this on New Years day, but it may take me all of January to finish it as I want to zentangle the letters, but we shall see.
I thought that I was being so clever to set my journaling in a date book style, but when I went to Flickr, I found out that my idea was not that original! Oh well. Jan. 2 to Jan. 6 are on the left, and the weekend is on the right. Tuesday was the day I had to go back to work after an 8 day vacation and Thursday I was just exhausted (tired fit the page better, exhausted was a bit much for the size of my book!)

I almost forgot- I also am on a $0 January, no unneccessary purchases: update, I have made it for the first 6 days of January 2012, but I did have a small setback. I did treat myself to Nachos from Hatch Chile on Friday, but since it is enough for two meals, I figure that I only made half a slippage.
Had an artists date last night to go to ABQ's Arts Crawl and found some great cards at an unbelievable price by a favorite artist and friend, but I resisted the temptation... My friend offered to buy them for me and then I could pay her back in February, but I was strong!! This is good practice for my retirement years!

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