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Saturday, January 19, 2008

I could have sworn that yesterday was Friday the 13th!

After a LONG week at work, went to dinner and to play cards at a friend's house. While we were heading home, going through an intersection, this HUGE white pickup runs the red light right in front of us! Luckily the car to my right braked quickly and I was able to swerve and miss the idiot by no more than a few inches. He did not even slow down!

Then I get home and inside my house it is 39 degrees! It was only 15 degrees outside! Cold air is coming out of my vents. I immediately turn off my NEW FURNACE, and look around. PNM (Natural gas supplier in NM) had turned the gas off to make repairs in the area. By now it is 10:30 and the service man does not arrive until 12:30. In the meantime I am building a fire in the fireplace (my only source of heat!) Fuzzy will not even come out of whatever hidey hole she is in, and it is very cold. Luckily I have an electric blanket on my bed, so the cats and I repair to the warm bed. By the next morning it is only 60 degrees (although that is a great improvement over the 39 degrees from the night before). I called my HVAC guy and he can't make it until noon. When he gets there he tells me that the whole winter (I had a new furnace installed in April, 2007) the air conditioner has been running when the heater is running!

Does this look like a cold cat?

Anyway, the furnace has been repaired, and the cats and I are roasty toasty warm! Hopefully my huge electric bill will go down too!

Wishing you you warmth and happiness!

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Judy Merrill-Smith said...

Holy s@*%, I'm glad you're all warmer now!