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Sunday, January 27, 2008

What do I want for the coming year

Our topic for this Thursday's yet unnamed Women's group is "What do I want for the coming year?"
I have given up on New Year's resolutions, so glibly manifested after a glass of champagne and then guiltily discarded by mid-January.
But this year I am really going to concentrate on time. Recently I was talking to my 84 year old mother and realized I AM ALMOST 60!!
Fifty Seven (going on 58 very soon!) sounds so much better than ALMOST 60!
As a child my grandmother always told me the older you got the faster time went. If time accelerates any faster, I will be 99 before I know it.
Increasingly, time goes by in a blur, like the calendar pages in an old black and white movie.
I was born in 1950, and Halley's comet and the new millenium seemed vast distances away in the future. Since both have come and gone and we are currently in late January, 2008, I feel like I am losing my "time grip". Monthly magazines arrive in about 3 weeks, and my semi-monthly paycheks roll in with regularity (I don't mind this...)
The only way I can think of to control this time warp (isn't that a song from the Rocky Horror Picture Show?) is to become more intentional. I already have a structured life, but need to have more intention about how I live and enjoy.
I work in a high tech and high stress enviornment where I am the expert, and I use my artwork to relax from that grind. I have always loved creating and need to get some balance between work and recreation.
If I can plan and live my life intentionally I think that I will enjoy life more, even if I cannot create more time.
Quantity vs. Quality- quality should always win out.
By setting my intention, I manifest my desires--whatever they may be.

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