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Saturday, February 02, 2008


Next Friday I am coming home and hiding (see my Jan. 19th Friday the 13th posting). I had plans for this Friday, and as I was waiting for my friend Pamela to meet me and go gallery hopping at First Friday, my car got hot, steam was coming out from under the hood and water was leaking out. Even one of these would be bad, but all three were catastrophic! We went to a 7-11, got water and put it in the radiator. Seemed to hold, and we limped to my local repair shop (it was now 6:30). They could not work on it until Saturday AM, so we went to a movie, as neither of us was up for the trip downtown to see art!
We saw Atonement, which was a very strange movie. I had a lot of trouble understanding the mumbling english accent, but would give it a medium rating. I enjoyed the movie but do not know that I would watch it again.
Keep your fingers crossed and hope that my car does not cost an arm and a leg! I got paid yesterday and had some overtime and a large expense reimbursement, but I did not want to spend it on my car!

On another subject, I have joined the Creative Everyday 2008 group. Still working on my creativity and intention.

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