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Thursday, June 19, 2008

Recovering from my Cancun trip

Wow, am I getting old or what? A simple five day trip to Mexico wiped me out! After I came home from work, I did nothing but laze around! Of course, it did not help that I overindulged in rich food and drink (I have discovered that a Mango Daquari is most satifsying!)

I went for a wedding of two very sweet young people, Langdon and Tiffany! They got married on the beach at Cancun, and it was magical.

No pics of that, but we were all supposed to share, so I am sure some will be forthcoming.

I do have pics of the Mayan Adventure that my BFF Lyncia and I went on. Believe me, if I had known they were going to take pictures, I would have worn a coverup! But I am what I am!
Canoeing, that is me hiding behind Lyncia.
Group Picture, Lyncia is in Black and I am in brown! One of the skinny young people was the only one to have the sense to cover up!

Lyncia on the zip line

Me on the zipline (such a flattering pose!)

Lyncia rapelling down a BIG cliff

Halfway down. Aren't the hats flattering?

Me rapelling down the big cliff

All of us at the bottom of the cliff

Being blessed by the Mayan Shaman, before entering the cenote

This was like swimming in Carlsbad Cavern (the cenote is an undergroud resoivoir). Note how clear the water is!


Stacia said...

Your trip sounds so amazingly awesome. I don't know if I could have done the repelling part. Kind of afraid of heights.

Judy Merrill-Smith said...

Wow -- looks you had quite the adventure!!!