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Thursday, September 18, 2008

Lazy week this week, and very little art!

Two very rare pictures of my cats in the same room....
Baby Cakes is the Maine Coon and Fuzzy Bucket is the black cat.
My window cats in front of the stained glass
by my favorite stained glass guy Jon

Fools Gold 2

Stash from an artist's estate sale last Saturday.
I JUST missed buying a Standing floor lamp Ott light for $10!
I could have KICKED myself!
Got all of this Loot for $16
I have been lazy this week, had a very hard week due to a
JERK at work, so I have just been coming home and vegging out.
I have two more Fools Gold pieces (#3 and #4) started.
I am going to Dallas for the weekend and will probably
take them with me to work on, but maybe not!
I have not even rusted anything in 3 days!

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