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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

More Rust Bits

Yesterday, I posted the first day of the rust process.
Today they were dry and the results are shown below,
including a curious kitty!
The rust was yellowish, with some black patches.
and the fabric was very stiff (salt, maybe??).
It was also black and stiff around the edges.

Second piece, on a different rug!

After rinsing and ironing, this is the result.

This is the long narrow piece that was in the dutch oven lid,

and all of the black has washed out.

The rust migrated, and I lost the yellow cast and most of the black from the tin can lids (in the bottom right corner on both pieces). I love the stripe in the left of the piece above

This is the second layer, and is more washed out. You can still see the tin can lids in the bottom right hand corner, and some of the more yellow cast to the rust.

All in all, I think that I prefer to just use water instead of the vinegar and salt. I may try with only vinegar, and then only salt, instead of both.

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