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Thursday, October 30, 2008

Goldie Farcia Class Shoe Shrines

After a run to Goodwill for a shoe to alter (looking for a stilletto, but alas, no luck) I found a pair of faux alligator brown shoes (forgot to take a before picture). This is as of yet unfinished...
A hindu goddess is inside the shoe, will have to do some research on which one she is.

Since I finished early, I was fascinated by some dicitonary pages Goldie had brought, and found the Z pages. Below is the first layer of a shoe shrine (decoupaged Z pages) and I will trim with zebra print fabric that I have from my black and white quilt.

More next week, when we are doing holiday shrines. I plan on doing an Obama shrine, as eitehr way it goes, it will be historic!


David said...

I have met, & am familiar with both Cynthia Cook & Goldie Garcia, but was not aware that they taught classes. Could you send me some info about them. I am looking to get back into doing art. Thank you,
David Zaintz
email: hands4rent@aol.com

Leau said...

Hi Shari, I sat next to you last week in Goldie's class. I will not be back tonight, the class just isn't what I expected. I wish I had know about Cynthia's class before I signed up to take a class in Colorado. It sounds like it was a good one. And the glass graveyard is one of my favorite places in Albuquerque!! Glad to meet you. Leau