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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

No art, so I am giving you URLs!

This is an amazing video, please check it out....


I am also cutting and pasting a great Obama letter from the sister of a friend of mine. She lives in Vienna Austria, and I thought that it was very moving! I have edited out local Viennese tidbits, but otherwise left it intact.

i wanted to write because i felt it was crucial to acknowledge that America, through its electoral process, has just participated in a massive, non-violent, political revolution!
i woke up in Europe this morning with tears in my eyes and a hope i haven't felt in years. i have never believed in a political figure, but somehow i believe in Obama, call me naive, but i realize that without faith in my political system, the idea/hope of change is insurmountable...suddenly a new world is possible and that is perhaps the biggest gift we have all received from this election, a restoration in faith; faith in the democratic process, faith in each other, faith in the possibility of change.
unfortunately, i will be in India on january 20, otherwise i would plan to go to Washington DC and wear my inaugural gown in the street! i have never been to our nation's capitol, but for the first time in my life i feel deeply compelled to go...instead, what i would like to do is encourage you to keep the spirit of change alive; celebrate it, cultivate it, give it, demand it. throw an inaugural party, invite everyone to wear a gown, a tuxedo and to bring seeds that can be donated to community gardens. share hopes for the future. ask everyone to make a commitment to sustaining this spirit of change...organize, volunteer, donate, blog, make art in the tenderloin...affirm, through community ritual, to hold hands in the future and say, Yes We Can! because it would seem we actually have a friend in the white house, willing to do what he can within the confines of what our current political system will allow.
and if someone wants to hold a yoga rally in Washington DC or San Francisco on January 20th, to inaugurate peace, wisdom and the pursuit of collective integrity, i will gladly send you a recording of my kick-ass play list, but you must promise to do yoga in your gowns and tuxedos!
i sat next to a woman from Ghana this morning on the metro. she was thrilled by the election, astonished and personally affirmed that a black person had not just become president, but miraculously, president of the United States...she came to Vienna 20 years ago, was one of the first black people here and knows there isn't a country in Europe where the same victory is currently possible.today i am finally proud to be American and witness the resurrection of a dream...
in prayer,sri

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