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Saturday, September 19, 2009

An Adventure at the River and mushrooms

River Views

People find treasures and leave them for others to find...

Sunflowers on the Rio Grande
On an archaelogoical dig at the pre-1900 Albuquerque dump

Michelmas daisies

Large white mushroom on the right and very
small button mushrooms on the left

Very strange looking mushroom

another one of the same type

black capped mushrooms

We made a run to the dump today to look for glass treasures. The day was so clear and nice after the rain that we had earlier in the week! There were mushrooms (which I did not realize would grow here...) in the grassy areas around my condo.

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Cindy Caraway said...

Your trip looks wonderful! I'm more than just a little interested in edible wild mushrooms. I'm fairly confident that the mushrooms you found which are pictured in the last three photos are called "shaggy manes". The ones which are open and black (in the final photo) are the same mushrooms which are heading into their spore stage. The mushrooms are edible and quite yummy but must be picked when very young (like the first of the three photos) and eaten within the same day (within the hour is best) or they start turning to black gooey spores - they will dissolve completely into a black ooze if left to their own devices. I halve them and then saute in a little butter.