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Friday, January 01, 2010

New Year, new decade

Icicles have always fascinated me since childhood. This particular
one was very impressive, but not very large!
New Year's Morning,shortly after sunrise, we walked
the heart Labryinth at Casa Del Sol. Dennis and Billie walking to the site.

Sylvia and Joe walking

Joe and Carol walking. Carol was leading the way, as you could not see the rings!

As we near the center of the labyrinth

Returning to the edge

You can see how deep the snow is.

This made a very pretty design in the snow
Prayer Flags fluttering in the COLD wind

The view looking east from the Heart Labryinth to Casa del Sol

Joe, Sylvia and Carol at the Heart Labryinth sign

Joe, Sylvia and Shari (do we look cold??)

small outbuilidng at Casa del Sol

Another view of Cielo Vista (not sure of the name...)

More Icicles

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