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Friday, March 19, 2010

Mail Art pics

Ist mail art postcard, this is some Lonni Rossi fabric that I had left over from a large project

address side of 1st postcard

Second Mail Art postcard

address side of second mail art postcard

Third mail art postcard

Address side of third mail art postcard

I have not decided who I will send these to, but I do enjoy the mail art  and this is the first time I have incorporated fabric into them.


La Poeta said...

Looove the fabric postcards. Can I choose? Haha.
Are some glued on? What glue do you use?

La Poeta said...

I asked about glue because I love fabric, but I've never worked with textiles.

NM_Creatrix said...

I am a very slap-dash artist. I lightly glued the fabric to a postcard that I received in the mail, and then zig-zagged around the pieces of the third card. The first and second cards were drop outs from a larger project and had fusible on the back, so I just fused them to the paper and then zig-zagged. Lots of fun and uses up scraps!