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Friday, March 19, 2010

Enjoying a leisurely breakfast on Friday

I had to take a friend to the airport at 6:30 this AM (poor planning on both our parts as neither of us is a morning person - but overseas flights/connections can be dicey and protracted!). Since I do not have to be at work today unitl 9:30 (again, poor planning on my part) I am sitting at Flying Star Cafe on Central enjoying breakfast (french toast, yum) and a large pot of Earl Grey tea. I may start doing this more often, as they have free Wi-Fi and I can surf the web and take my time!

Work continues on Juliana's project for the Computer Creatrix, and I have another job that is coming up (not art related, drat!) but my name is getting out there! Publisher is giving us fits, but we will persevere. I already know a LOT more about publisher than I ever wanted to know!

No pics today, but I am in an art swap at the Extreme Journalism site that is bringing in wonderful mail art. I need to catch up as I owe two pieces and have used up my inventory.

More later and I will try to post pics from my metal work and the mail art.

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