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Tuesday, June 08, 2010

It is VERY WARM here!

I promised that I would not complain about it being hot, as this winter hung on for so long and was so cold and nasty! So all that I am going to say is that it is VERY WARM! And I would much rather be hot than cold! It was only 95 today, rather than the 100 that it was over the weekend.
I made it through my first day back at work after a week's vacation but I was bushed last night, I was in bed by 8:45 and then woke up at 4:30. Luckily I could go back to sleep! It was a much better day today, and I am not so tired.


Judy Merrill-Smith said...

Ugh! I hope the monsoons come sooner rather than later for you guys. I haven't visited your blog in a while -- I like the mail art.

NM_Creatrix said...

I haven't been posting much...