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Saturday, June 05, 2010

Once a month is not enough to blog!

June is when I am going to become a better blogger!
This week has been fabulous, I have been on vacation. Went to the last of the graduations (I had three this year) on Saturday, May 29th, picked up my Mother and we came back to Albuquerque.
Terry and Kassi's black and white wedding Kanji quilt
We have loafed around, visited and ate all week. I have got several projects started and well on the way to completion (Terry and Kassi's wedding quilt, a snugglie for the graduate, and started on several more snugglies). Mother and I finished tyeing the graduation snugglie, and it is ready for presentation.
First Mailart from Julia in Red Wing MN

Front and Back of Postcard, but without a return address...

Fabric giftie from Helen In Hobart Australia, small pieces of fabric.
This has also been a good mail art week for me. I got an emphemera swap from Jennifer in Florida (it really came last week but I did not have time to acknowledge it!), two mail art postcards and a little giftie of fabric from Helen in Hobart Australia via sendsomething.com . I have scanned them all in....

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