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Monday, February 06, 2012

This gave me shivers...

I am one of the collection points for Womyn(s) Work and I found an ordinary looking box in my mailbox this afternoon. It was an amazing collection of beautiful mohair yarn and an unfinished sweater. I would like to share this with you. Inside the package was an email and a plaque. The email read:
"Dear Shari: Enclosed is the yarn that my mother was using to knit a sweater. She died before she could finish it. If possible, when you decorate the trees, please put up the unfinished sweater parts with the plaque that I made to honor my mother's memory. Thank you Earthspirit88" Her prior email to me read:  "Hi I was forwarded the information from a friend. I love this idea! I live in California... My mother was a knitter and I found skeins of yarn in her closet after she died. I've been holding on to the yarn since 2001... I would like to send it to you as a way to honor her."
As I read about this daughter wanting to honor her mother, I actually got chill bumps!
This is going to be an amazing installation, and now it is almost a sacred trust, to honor those who came before. My first thought was this yarn is too nice for this installation, but now I am honor bound to use it to decorate a tree and honor Glenna and her daughter, Earthspirit88.


Unknown said...

I feel so honored to know we have been blessed by Glenna special offering of her mother's mohair yarn. Her mother's spirit will be with us here in New Mexico.

EarthSpirit said...

Dear Shari, I am thunderstruck! Found your blog via Womyn(s) Work webpage and was scrolling along looking at your art work when I saw you'd posted photo/email about my mother Glenna...needless to say I burst into tears! Thank you so much for the heartfelt response! Looking forward to seeing photos of the the womyn's yarn bombing!..and thank you so much Unknown for your beautiful comment! Blessings, mayah/EarthSpirit