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Monday, February 13, 2012

Studio Cat strikes again - twice

 I can see my studio cat, Baby Cakes plopping down on this apron for womyn(s) work
 but what attracts her to a box with a map in it? The inscrutable cat. I have to tell a story on her, every morning she comes running into the bathroom and plops down in the bathtub. My schedule got a little off, so I had already filled the tub when she came in and jumped into the tub full of water! You should have seen the look that she gave me... Nothing but her pride was hurt and she spent about 15 minutes shaking and rearranging her paw and tail!
Just for a little variety, here is the bedroom cat, Fuzzy Bucket, all cuddled up on my bed! If I had known I was going to take pictures, I would have made my bed better!

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