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Thursday, March 13, 2008

Latest art

I was fascinated by an article that I saw in Cloth Paper Scissors, Winter 2005. I came across the magazine (after more than a year and a half!). The article is Ancient Passage Layered Mixed-Media Collage Art by Kim Grant.

Below is my base, watercolor paper with gesso on both sides, glue gun squiggles, then painted with Gold paint (steps 1-4 in the article)
Collage layers added. I used a jungle theme instead of the oriental theme Kim Grant used.
Steps 5-8 in the article.
This is very wet paint, with rubbing alchohol applied. It really does not look this bloody!

I am off work tomorrow, so I plan to finish this piece. I have other papers and a leopard picture to add!
BTW- I have had to disable comments, as I am getting hit with spam replies!

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