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Sunday, March 09, 2008

Studio cleanup

I had a great visit with my mother for the last two weeks, and she left today.
While she was visiting, I had not done anything artsy, except for the last of the tying on the snugglie for my bedroom, which Mother and I both worked on.
My studio is also the guest room, and so for the last two weeks had been doing double duty (but to admit it, it was really messy before Mother came). After she left today I went to Target and checked out their storage stuff.
This is the before...

And after, with Baby Cakes checking it out...

I found a great PURPLE stoage rack, and a stainless steel rack.
Put them together today and now have before and after pictures.
I discovered that I really have a cutting table underneath all of that stuff!
And I know that I will just pile it up again, that seems to be part of my process!

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