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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Archetype cards from Consulting the Oracle class with Juliana Coles

This weekend I took a great class from Juliana Coles
called Consulting the Oracle.
We made archetype cards, and these are some of mine
My wanderer card. Quote is "Not all who wander are lost" J.R.R. Tolkein

Back of my wanderer card

This was my innocent card, but it morphed into a combination of innocent/orphan. This was one of my "wounded cards" - Juliana had us use the fallouts from other cards to put together a new card (see the masking tape "bandages"). Words are innocence, lost, waif, cold, wet, hungry

"The back of my combination Innocent/Orphan card. It has a transparency of my great-niece Amber and a picture of "little shari". My words added to the card are ebmryo, innocent and little shari

Martyr Card, words are I am high and mighty at work- not sure where that came from, as I was certainly low man on the totem pole today! Back of my wanderer card

My Hedonist card, just started. This is usually my main archetype card.

Back of the heodonist card. I tried to make them uniform, but different colors??

My Magician card. It started out as the warrior (and thus my power color- Red) but it morphed into the Magician. You may have to enlarge to see the three magical figures dancing across the magic carpets. That was the deciding factor.

Back of my magician card

My warrior card (and not a trace of red to be found.) We needed to write our strenghts, and I did not want to write on my card, so I attached another page.

Back of the expanded Warrior card


Mary Tafoya said...

Awesome images. Where was the class???? 8-)

Judy Merrill-Smith said...

Looks like it was a great and thought-provoking class. I like your cards, esp. the first one.

NM_Creatrix said...

Mary, it was at Juliana Cole's studio off of 4th street. Very neat class

Thanks Judy, don't know if you could tell or not but the orange was a swarm of Monarchs, and there is a tiger on it tOO