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Friday, July 17, 2009

Long time since my last post...

Things have been really tough at work, with a huge project, short timeline and lots to do. But I got it finished (keep saying that I am not going to do that, but I do it anyway...). It is HOT here this afternoon (you will note that I am just commenting, not complaining! When it was cold I promised that I would not complain about it being hot!)

I had an interesting morning today. I am in my car, open the garage door, and it opens, then immediatley crashes back down. Luckily (due to misadventures with other garage door openers in my past) I had not moved my car. I got out expecting to see a broken spring (that happened about 16 months ago and was $200) but it was the bracket that hooks the opener to the door. Looks simple to do, but I have not been able to find a bracket. I looked at Lowes and may have to go to a garage door installer. Hate to pay them to fix it, but I may have to.

I have a new laptop and it has Vista on it. We are going to have to support it at work, so I figured that I would bite the bullet. I have avoided it on purpose for all this time.... So far it is not bad, and the whole system is MUCH faster than my old desktop. I have not put much on it yet, but that will happen. Luckily I have a setup where I can have two machines. Never enough time to do what we want!

I am taking a class with Juliana Coles this weekend, working with archetypes. I can't wait

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