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Saturday, September 10, 2011

Change to my blog

I made changes to the header and dates on the blog, but I am not sure if I like this font, it looked cute on the website, but not so cute here. Now that I have finally got it to work, it should be easy to change or remove. I found out how to do it here and it was NOT as easy as Kevin would have you believe (of course had I read the directions completely, it would not have taken so long....).
Still on vacation, so I seem to think today is Sunday instead of Friday!
I made one more run to Borders, and they have really sold off a lot of stuff. I found a book that I have needed to read for quite some time (self help and I have been avoiding it). Well, the universe spoke to me today. In the checkout line, alone on a shelf was THE BOOK. All by it's lonesome... just waiting for me. And instead of $24.99, it was $2.49. So I had to buy it. I will probably spend the afternoon reading it, and hopefully it will do some good!
I have also set up a zibbet shop, will see if it is easier than Etsy. I added two of my prayer flags (one red and one blue) to both etsy and zibbet.
Well, this was from Friday, but I saved as a draft rather than publishing, so I am posting it now. 

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