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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Not making much art, but I am making watermelpons!

 Wild morning glories. I was watering them earlier in the summer, but gave up because none sprouted. Then after the rains started, the came back to life. Now I am watering them and they are doing great. Mother Nature is amazing.

 My largest watermelon- it is about 6 inches across.
 This is the second melon it is only about 3 inches across. They may not ripen before it is too cold, but it has been an interesting experiment. My cantelope bloomed like crazy but did not make any melons. I have a very hard time throwing away anything that is still alive, but when the cantelope got bugs I pulled it up and threw it away!
This is a mandala that I created in repsonse to a group working the Grand Mandala Round on the
Wild Precious Studio ning site. On the right side is where I journaled about the mandala and prompts. I did not realize that I was setting up a yellow/gold/purple scheme (when I was working on the mandala the right hand page was hidden, and when I opened it up to do my journaling I realized the pages were color co-ordinated). Of course, yellow and purple are some of my most favorite colors!

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