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Sunday, March 18, 2012

Busy Weekend

Friday night my "tribe" celebrated my retirement (this is the first time that we have all had an opeing available-- we are all so busy and we still missed Patty who had to work...). We had a ritual at Pamela's gorgeous west side house, and a fantastic potluck following the ritual.

Suzanne, Karenellen, Shari, Eva, Karen, Pamela and Sandy (Winona was taking the pic).

In preparing for my part in the ritual, I needed a theme. I have always loved K.T. Oslin's song "Eighties Ladies".

Eighties Ladies
We were the girls of the fifites
Stone Rock and Rollers of the Sixties
And more than our names changed  as the seventies slipped by
Now we're eighties ladies, there been much that these ladies aint tried
We got educated, we got liberated, and that's complicating matters with men
Oh we said I DO and we signed our DON'T and we swore we'd never do that again
Oh we burned our bras and we burned our dinners and we burned our candle at both ends
And we've got some children who look just like we did back then
Trouble is that we're all grown up, none of us can tell you just how

and I debated about trying to add the 90's, aughts and tens to the mix, but I do know my limits... This song pretty well describes my life (and lots of my contemporaries) up until the 80"s.

I had an already existing time line from one of Juliana Coles' classes when I first arrived in New Mexico in 2003, and set about to update it for this decade!

1950 to 1969



I went through all my journals and all my blog posts to get dates for all these happenings, and then I didn't really use the dates, just the sequence. I decided to use a totally different layout for the time line and was inspired by "Zenspirations" and came up with this layout.
I have decided that I need to teach a timeline course called "Faceboook ain't the only Timeline Around" More details will follow.
Today is blustery, windy and all in all nasty. When I left church, I could not see the 10,000' mountain
behind my house, and now that I am home I cannot see the river! Half of southern New Mexico is hanging in the air in Albuquerque! And we may get snow tonight, sure am glad that I do not have anywhere specific that I have to be tomorrow!

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