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Thursday, March 01, 2012

February 29th Came and Went....

I had a very nice last day at work, they had a luncheon for me and I got a gorgeous Nambe copper vase. I left early (sorry but I just could not see staying all day). In the afternoon we finished hanging the Womyn(s) Work installation, and if I say so myself, it is amazing. Pictures will follow tomorrow.
Yesterday, I read on Traci Bunkers blog that she was going to make art first thing in the morning rather than read her email (reading her email had ruined her day...). I thought that was as good way to start the rest of my life... so that is what I did. I had to finish a piece for Rainbow Artists March show, so I got up, fixed breakfast, two cups of tea and then started on art!

this piece is called Mayhill Ghost Images 1912-2012. The ghostly images are printed on organza {thanx to Suzanne of Painted Sky Silk for the organza idea}, and they float inside a grape box (thanx to my friend Jan Bush who donated the box during her recent move)
the background is a map of New Mexico with Mayhill hightligted by a red thumbtack, a photo of grandfather's barn (which he built) and a photo of the Mayhill school which my grandmother, grandfather, mother, brother, sister and I all atteneded.
The ghost images include (from top left my grandmother Onie Clayton and her Mother {my great-grandmother}, my grandfather Allen Clayton and his horse, my brother Tommy, my great grandparent's 50th wedding anniversary with the whole family gathered together and my brother Tommy and his wife Judy. They are all no longer among the living, and this is in tribute to them.

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