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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

In conjunction with yesterday's post

Womyn's issues:
I watched the National Geographic special last night on PBS about the 10 Greatest photographs in the magazine for 2011. There were lots of wild animals (as you would expect), a photo of a Scandinavian reindeer herder. I was impressed that there were several young photographers, and several of them were women.
However, one segment was especially troubling to me. A young female photographer was assigned to cover young girls who were setting themselves on fire in Afghanistan. As she dug into the issue, she observed that pre-pubescent GIRLS ( 9 or 10 years old) were being married off. Some of these young girls would later set themselves afire, often for very puzzling reasons. One of the girls the photograhpher  shot was a teenager who has set herself afire because she had broken her husbands TV. The pictures were absolutely horrific, and it seems to be a matter of fact occurence, noty only in Afghanistan, but in over 50 countries!
Full body burns are extremely painful, and the fact that these young women feel that to die by setting themselves afire is bettter than living their life is very upsetting and painful to me.

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