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Sunday, April 20, 2008

I have come out of hibernation!

Just like these daffodils, given to my by a new friend. "thanx" W.

After my busy week, I stayed at home today and worked on homework for the printing class that I am taking. After some consideration, I decided to pass on the woodcut portion, and concentrate on lino for now. I had a hard time controlling my cuts on the wood (I know that I did not have the right tools at home for that... I could not use the speedball cutters, as I could not control where my lines ended. And I will be busy enough on the lino. Here are two preliminary lino cuts (poppies are inspired by Linda and Laura Kemshall's book The Painted Quilt)

I have decided that this free form design looks aboriginal.
Both of them are rather hard to see, as I have not pulled a proof print yet.

I also cut a speedball rubber with a dragonfly motif.

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