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Monday, July 28, 2008

At last I am home alone (except for BC and FB!)

Left to right, Kay, Marsha (hidden behind the aluminum foil), Donna, Allene, Floye and Tim.

Another busy weekend. I took sick on Friday (just too much stress, and I had a light day... What can I say??). Mother had stomach trouble, so we did not know if we were ready to take off for a three hour drive with very few bathroom opportunities, but by noon she was feeling better. I went to get my oil changed and found out I had to replace my brakes ($300 instead of $30!) They had been making a strange sound...

Anyway, we took off Friday afternoon and got home in time to have some great meatloaf made by my sister. Mother was most relieved to be home!

My uncle left Friday morning via ambulance to the nursing home that my cousin works in. He will be there for 2-3 weeks for rehab. I know that branch of the family was glad to be home also!

Saturday, we got hit by the remants of Hurricane Dolly, so I beat a hasty retreat to Albuquerque in front of the storm. They got about 4 inches of rain, which is almost a year's worth of precip in the dry desert! I got caught in an absolute downpour and lost traction, so I slowed down after that!

I came home and enjoyed the peace and quiet of just me and the cats.

Last night I started some more tannin/rust, but came out mostly tannin and very little rust. I am drying them now and will post tomorrow!

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