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Monday, July 21, 2008

Busy, Busy, Busy Part Deux!

I just thought that I had been busy in my last post.
My 86 year old uncle fell and broke his hip. They flew him to Albuquerque to the VA Hospital.
He came up alone, and I went over to see him and stayed with him all day Friday until my Aunt and cousins could come up to Albuquerque.
My mom also came up, so we had a mini family reunion and looked at old family pictures.
They operated on Sunday and the hip replacement went well.
I am very impressed with the VA Hospital. I know that they have had some bad press in the last few months, but the staff are kind, gentle, understanding and seem really interested in the patients (and family). They are engaged and interested, even when the patients are rambling!
Could not ask for better care than what he is getting.

I have been chauffer, nurse, therapist, and friend all weekend, and will continue as my Aunt (77) and my Mother (85) will stay until my uncle is released and able to go home.

So art is off the table for now, but will return!

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