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Saturday, July 05, 2008

Time Flies

Wow, it has been three weeks since I posted last. My life has been very busy lately...

I have had a nasty bladder infection and have just not felt up to par for some time, so have not felt like doing much art.

We also had SAS70 auditors at work for two weeks, and managed to pass with flying colors (or my department did at least!) Lots of stress involved in that, and after the wrap-up meeting, my boss walked in my office and had the most horrible look on his face! Then he broke into a smile and gave me the good news!

Anyway, the stress is off and I am finally feeling better (but I did wait to go to the Dr. until it was very bad!).

I have a show for Rainbow Artists in September that I am working on. At church two weeks ago we had a favorite band called Celtic Coyotes perform the Solstice service. One of the members of the band Stephen Miller, wrote a song called Brigid on the Rio Grande. It was so perfect (the art show is "La Vida Rio") that I asked if I could use his song as my inspiration for the show. Of course, being the gentleman that he is, he gladly consented.

So now I am working on photos of the Rio Grande, and looking for images of St. Brigid. Should make a striking piece.

On my way to our traditional 4th of July viewing party in Rio Rancho, I stopped and took some pictures of the Rio Grande. Can't decide which one I like the best, but I will probably go with one of the shots that has all the elements, river, trees, mountains, clouds and sky.

But only time will tell.

Which one do you like best?

This is the first shot that I took (all of these are raw, uncropped images)

This one is a definite contender

The white spot in this one is somone's roof! So probably will not be using it without some manipulation

This one is not bad, but not much "rio" is showing

This is the last shot that I took (notice the ornamental brigde work in the lower right corner-I did not even see it until I got the digitals uploaded) I like the balance of rio, trees mountain, sky and cloud in this one, and will probalby put the Brigid image on the left portion of it.

More to follow!


Stacia said...

I miss Albuquerque!!!! I like the last one best too. Good luck with your project.

Contessa of Creativity said...

Hi- I wrote a long thing and it's gone now- too tired to type it all in again- I liked the last photo the best- although the one with the REALLY big clouds is cool too. I know what yoiu mean about findin time to make art. I have not done it for so long I feel weird- gotta find time to do some art soon! I found you through the QSDS blog I get from Kathleen ?
Your ideas for your art are very cool. I like how yo make the conectiosn to so many different things but they are really all one. I make Art Quilts - inspired by Susie Shie from Woooster, Ohio - Turtle Moon Studios.

blessings and peace to all- Kathryn Contessa of Creativity at Unity Center of the Heights- Cleveland Heights, Ohio