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Sunday, May 31, 2009

Back from Ojo Caliente

We spent a glorious weekend in a private house at Ojo Caliente.
We went up on Saturday morning and came back tonight.
Most of the spa pictures were taken in bathing suits,
and I won't inflict them on you.
This could be known as too many photographers!

Peaceful scene on Sunday AM as we
started our marathon hike!

River, either Arriba or Chama, there is still
some confusion about which, and I
am too tired to look on a map to settle the name.

Logo of Ojo Caliente
The hill in the backgroud is the one that we hiked up,
then walked around the back of it to get to the Posi
ruins on the mesa.

Above Ojo Caliente there is a pueblo site of the

Posi tribe. It is tradition if you find a pot
shard, it should be placed in a spot of
honor, and we are placing a shard here.

There are a lot of shards, as you can see here.

One of the larger shards

Closeup of another shard

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