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Friday, May 29, 2009

Friday! My favorite day of the week

Well another work week is behind me, and I am off to
Ojo Caliente this weekend with the girls. Should be a
great weekend. Then on Wednesday I am off to
Dallas to see family and friends.
So I will be offline for a while!

I found some old art that I should have put into the Recycle show

that Rainbow Artists had at the Unitarian Church.

These collages are made on 4" x 6" formica samples

that I acquired somewhere along the line.

Above is Multiply Your Creativity

This collage (with a transfer of a cabinet card) is of my Great Grandmother

Laura Narcissa Goodman Clayton (my grandfather's mother)

This collage has paper, a metal found object

and a picture of a cross taken on the way

to Ojo Caliente.

These three are about 3 years old, but I

still like them!

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