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Sunday, May 03, 2009

Going back to my fabric roots

A Fabric book started in Tracy Bautista's class at
Art Uraveled. The title is "Girly Girl" and
it will be a future gift for a friend.
The binding is stab stitched
Inside Cover and page 2. The inside cover is fabric and the pink is colored paper towels, which Traci is famous for. Page 2 is Watercolor paper

Page 3 and 4, page 4 is mulberry
paper from Japan (thanx Jan!)

Page 5 and 6 is some leaf paper that I have had for years

Page 7 and the inside back cover (page 7 is watercolor paper)

Back cover
Hopefully, after working in fabric for a few days,
I will be able to return to my journals.
Only time will tell.

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