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Saturday, May 02, 2009

Frist Friday Arts Crawl and Beltane

Luscious purple petunias, they even felt velvety.
This is a flower bed in Albuquerque's Old Town
Yellow Roses

I think that is garlic? Not sure though

Forsythia, maybe??

Statue in Old Town

Typical New Mexico Shrine. This is outside the
Chapel of Guadalupe in Old Town.

Inside the shrine

The altar in the Shrine

Window in the shrine.
Very modern looking, huh?

A huge pot...

Giraffe statue

Mountain Lion in the tree.
Sorry, the light was fading fast...
I always try to go to First Friday Artscrawl,
and the three of us had a small Beltane ceremony
at the Poetry Garden at Harwood.

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