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Saturday, June 20, 2009

A great quote from Rosalie Dace in Quilting Arts (Jan/Feb 2008). This is probably why I am so drawn to fabric:

"Fabric is so much more part of the human condition. From the time you're born and they clean you up, you're wrapped in fabric. Fabric is protective, comforting, denotes social status...we celebrate with it by wearing it on special occasions throughout our lives. And of course we sleep on it. Every night we lie in bed, one sheet under, one on top."

I am so glad that my friend returned this particular issue, as I am re-reading and found it a great issue.

I had an interesting experience yesterday. I was an "expert witness" at a wedding. A couple came to Albuquerque from New Hampshire (I LOVE that accent) to be married by my friend Mayra, who does destination weddings.

If you are in the Albuquerque tomorrow, some friends and I are perfoming a piece called "60 Water Weaving Women" at 2:30 tomorrow at the Open Space Visitors Center on Coors north of Montano.

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