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Thursday, June 18, 2009

This resoanated with me....

A friend returned a Cloth,Paper,Scissors magazine dated Jan/Feb 2008. As I ate dinner last night, I was reading and this struck me as a very valid statement:

Dear Jane:
By Loretta Benedetto Marvel
What could be more thrilling than being an artist during the first decade of the new millennium? Art and Craft are flourishing with a zeal that has not been seen in decades. ...The world is coming 'round again to embracing creativity as the spiritual lifeblood of this planet, and not as a frivolous activity that is the first to be cut in a school budget crunch. You don't even have to leave your home to witness this new Renaissance. The Internet allows us a portal into the lives of hundreds of thousands of artists who gladly share their passion with anyone with a high speed connection.
Why then am I in such a funk after a visit to the local craft store? Aisles and asiles of pre-packaged, merchandised sitckers, stamps and collage elements make me wonder what's the point of it all? Why do many of the latest books and magazines feature what I call "Sepia Cherub with Wings and Crown Syndrome" instead of a creative explosion of post-modern and contemporary ideas? I think it is just another symptom of the proliferation of instant gratification: microwave dinners; digital photos; instant "art".

My particular gripe is the Doe Eyed, pouty red mouthed, pre-pubescant, raven haired waifs. If you create doe eyed pouty mouthed waifs, I apologize but they drive me crazy! Just my personal opinion.
Let's all be standard bearers in the "Creative explosion of post-modern and contemporary ideas"!!!!!

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