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Monday, July 05, 2010

July 4: gettng real and personal int the pursuit of happiness: {589}

Third installment of zingers (for me) of Simple Abundance:
"Many of us mistakenly think that lowering our expectations means we must surrender our dreams. Absolutely not.  Dreams and expectations are two very different things. Dreams call for a leap of faith, trusting that Spirit is holding the net, so that you can continue in the re-creation of the world with your energy, soul gifts, and vision. Expectations are the emotional investment the ego makes in a particular outcome: what needs  to happen to make the dream come true . The ego's expectations are never vague: Oscars, magazine covers, the New York Times Bestseller list. Your dreams must manifest exactly as the ego imagines or someone isn't going to be very happy. And guess who that is? The ego! Since none of us can always predict the future... this kind of thinking is self-destructive. Because if we don't live up to the ego's expectations, we've failed again. And at some point we really do give up.
The passionate pursuit of your dreams sets your soul soaring; expectations that measure the dream's success tie stones around your soul. ...Living your life as a dreamer and not an "expector" is a personal declaration of independence...Dreaming, not expecting allows spirit to step in and surprise you with connection, completion, comsummation, celebration. You dream. Show up for work. Then let spirit deliver your dream to the world.

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