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Sunday, July 04, 2010

Simple Abundance Part 2 It's always my choice

Second quote from Simple Abundance
July 2: The simplest of Pleasures: One Good Thing That Is.
"Not too long ago, an 8 A.M. phone call announcing a major change in plans sent my day careening out of control. I hung up the phone, my heartbeat accelerating. In one stroke my carefully arranged coping stragety was out the window and my host of commitments had been amade almost unmeetable. This was too much, I thought, as I paced back and forth, muttering and moaning under my breath. I had three choices before me, but only one real-life solution: scream with rage a the top of my lungs, put my head in the toilet, or take a deep breath and redeem the day with Plan B.
...So I poured myself a cup of tea and reaclled the Hasidic prayer, "I know the Lord {Goddess} will help --but help me Lord {Goddess}, until you help.
The reality was that the day would be as hards as I made it. Or as pleasant. There was nothing I could do about my circumstances but accept them. "It's always my choice," I reminded myself. Not necessarily  to like ... but to try to catch the ball. ...success in life is not  how smoothly we execute Plan A; it's how smoothly we cope with Plan B. "{Curly brackets and bold are mine}

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